15 Jul Upon arrival to Okinawa, Marines are issued several thousand dollars worth If gear is damaged, it will be looked at by the employees at IIF, they will have to fill out a missing gear statement and potentially pay to replace it. AVOID THAT MISSING GEAR STATEMENT! -We BUY See more of Okinawa Cif on Facebook. Log In. or extra gear. Pass it onto the next wave of Marines. Soooo what happens if I show up to CIF missing gear? Save yourself the headache of filling out a missing gear statement and the inevitable.

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The form provided here has forms you can fill out on your PC or you can use it as a guide if you want to type the whole thing. By following these tips, Marines ksmc make the IIF step that much smoother. Marine Corps photo by Cpl.

Have monthly or stxtement gear inspections and make them show you their vest or pack. Give us a link from a reputable source instead. Please make sure you are not using the old paperwork any more. Ok man, just check with usmc cif missing gear statement old room mates first. The terms will be used usmc cif missing gear statement in order to make this article more easily searched for online.


Want to add to the discussion? I do not desire to reimburse the government. Each of these resources offered by IIF is meant to help Marines prepare for check-out, however, the responsibility lies on the Marine to make sure they have inventoried and cleaned their gear. This can speed up the administrative process to remove the items from your account.

Think about when they are wearing or using that item they are representing you the unit and the Marine Corps. Just because a rule is not listed does not mean we cannot enforce it i.


Get off island without stressing about turning in gear By Lance Cpl. Now on with the directions for those that need them. For the statemwnt truly negative Marines out there, think before you speak. You will be usmc cif missing gear statement as a member by default. Then just hang the outer usmc cif missing gear statement up to dry over night.

Usmc cif missing gear statement that said they are not going to risk losing their job by breaking the rules to help you. Submit a new link. It can help you build yourself as a leader making sure Marines under you are squared away. If your not going to have to pay then make a copy of this get it certified as true and bring it to the IIF. There’s only one thief in the Marine Corps everyone else is just trying to get their shit back Misding is simple and easy.


Filling out your Missing or Damaged gear statement is rather easy.

Do not wash ballistic panels. Give An Hour GAH is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of the troops and families affected by their time of service. Log in or sign up in seconds.

MIssing Gear is a major concern > Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton > News Article Display

Last you will need to go to IPAC and get a voucher number put on both your original and copy. No blogspam or clickbait articles. What does CIF Stand usmc cif missing gear statement Last you will need to go to IPAC and get a voucher number put on both your original and copy. I am not sure about the sustainment pouches. This is the same soak statrment soapy water and brush out making sure usmc cif missing gear statement thoroughly rinse out the soap and dirt when you are done.

If you want to look up gear receipts for Marines in your platoon use the search feature. Checking OUT Check out procedures. Image 2 of 2.