The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common inventive [19]: M. Orloff, Inventive thinking through TRIZ: a practical guide. The “76 Standard Solutions” of TRIZ were compiled by G.S. Altshuller and his associates between and They are grouped into 5 large categories or . PDF | The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common The Substance-Field analysis is a TRIZ methodology composed of a.

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Introduce solktions or fields into a technical system 17 standard solutions triz 76 standard solutions 6 ]. Alternate pathways are then followed depending on whether system interactions are absent, inadequate, or even harmful. Assuming that the field is generated by a hidden substance, the triangle can be simplified into a dumbbell shape with the field indicated on top of the arrow and the relationship triz 76 standard solutions underneath the arrow, as shown in Figure 1.

The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples – Class 5

US patent 4, Note that solutios sequence is important when suggesting these solutions. Changing the existing field while keeping the triz 76 standard solutions substances may be a choice to reduce or removing the harmful impact, as shown in Figure 5. When the rod shrinks the cable is under the proper tension. Cable can not withstand the temperatures required for the expansion.

From Altshuller’s 76 Standard Solutions to a New Set of Standards – ScienceDirect

Insects cannot convert their food to energy without biotin, so they suffer delayed development and death. Following the harmful interaction path on Figure triz 76 standard solutions, use Class 3 to refine triz 76 standard solutions of these solution concepts. This group includes the necessary solutions for completing an incomplete model In Su-field terms, an incomplete model is one that does not have S1, S2, and F, or the force Standagd is inadequate.

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Use magnetic field resonance. An inventive contradiction is resolved within the existing system, triz 76 standard solutions through the introduction of some entirely new element. The power is needed only to release the load by activating a counter electromagnet.

Measurement and Detection Pathway — Illustrative Examples: A variety of fields can be used to kill insects, including ultraviolet and infrared radiation, heat, and ultrasound, depending on the species of insect. It is not necessary for S1 and S2 to be in direct contact.

To re-state the problem: Later, the heparin metabolizes. The use of GPS systems, improved application implements, and increased usage of computers for data storage and control reflects the application of standdard standard.

Standarc accessible English language references with listings and explanation of the 76 Standard Solutions have recently become available. Right combination of fertilizers, water, etc at optimum timing for maximum production. A screwdriver is magnetized so that it can easily guide the screw to its position. Further, it is expensive since it requires the acquisition and transmission of large amounts triz 76 standard solutions image data.

Detection and measurement 17 standard solutions 5. Control a system by means of a phase transition, instead of measuring temperature, pressure, magnetic field, etc. If the system is just a hammer, nothing happens.

Another six solutions, including 3. Hewlett-Packard advertisement in Business Week Magazine. The Soltions Distribution System needs to be responding to current information about the needs of people.

One problem is lack of communication. Use masks during the fabrication of silicon wafers to allow triz 76 standard solutions to penetrate certain regions and to prevent them from penetrating other regions.

They provide a concise description of the generic situation and generally include a statement of triz 76 standard solutions constraints or restrictions. There are millions of different problems among the thousands of different systems that exist in the different solutionns of industry and science. Simplifying the76 Standard Solutions Classes 4 and5.

Control small quantities by applying and removing a surplus. System of Standard Solutions. This continues the path for System Improvement. Because the path of the air is shorter, the air is not humid enough, triz 76 standard solutions the person suffers from a dry throat in addition to the cold!


Solutions for Su-Field AnalysisThe Triz Journal

What are the alternatives? As a result, the 76 solutions have been condensed and generalized into seven standard solutions.

Even those who argue that there is enough food production capacity to match expected population growth agree that we triz 76 standard solutions to more effectively manage food production. A channel marker buoy rocks too much in the traveling seas. Translated by Lev Shulyak. The burden of searching for these successful transformations would require hundreds of researchers. Altshuller as solutions for common inventive problems. How should the system be modified as a result of the increasing requirement for efficiency and effectiveness?

In an office with desktop triz 76 standard solutions, the computers increase the room temperature, compromising their performance. solutionw

If a moderate field can be applied which is insufficient for the desired effect, and a greater field will damage the system, the larger magnitude field can be applied to another element which can be linked to the original.

In addition, there are seven solutions are originated from the patterns of evolution, including 2 increase ideality4 match and mismatch5 increase complexity, then follow with simplicity through integration6 transform from macro-system to micro-system and 7 increase dynamism and controllability.

The modification may be either temporary or permanent. A well-known example is milk, which has a short shelf-life, but when water is removed to create powdered triz 76 standard solutions, the shelf-life is significantly extended. Direct communication between a project engineer and laborers triz 76 standard solutions lead to misunderstanding and confusion.