5 Aug Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) is a data model that are the three new AP tables’ technical details for R12 Supplier in TCA. 19 Apr Introduction Oracle Applications R12 Trading Community Architecture Tables Background What is TCA? Oracle Trading Community. 14 Feb You should also note, TCA is neither an Oracle Applications module nor requires . R Bank & Trading Community Architecture(TCA).

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September 7, at 1: Your avenue of contacting a party i. Parties with whom you have a selling relationship Customer Accounts: It was one of the big issues with integration aspect, as significant problem was recognized once the Expense management and payroll uses same bank for the respective person.

Old Model vs New Customer Model.

Stores information about customer sites. For example, an administrative assistant could be the contact for an executive. Stores credit information for a customer account and customer account sites.


Stores information about the relationship, if a party becomes a customer. Arcgitecture discussed aboveyou know most of release of 11i family of oracle Application does not have integration between HR and AP for bank account tca architecture in oracle apps r12. Three key CE tables now as: August 1, at 3: November 16, at 6: A person usually acts as a contact for an organization, but can also be a contact for another person.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Store information about a person educations. Stores information about the financial accounts. TCA not only allows for the tracking of relationships between the implementing organization and its trading partners, but also tracks relationships between the trading partners themselves.


Fig 2; Customer old model and TCA model. A party relationship is tca architecture in oracle apps r12 party’s role in the context of another party. So now r12 this was well taken care and integration is built.

Consequently, to understand the role of a customer in the context of your trading community, you should also understand other concepts such as party, customer account, and account site.

Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) | ALL ORACLE APPS

This problem usually arises when you start the application tier services before bringing the system out of the “Maintenance Mode”.

More over its important to understand banks accounts can be shared by applications and can be designed for use by Payables, Receivables and Payroll.

Google Search Enter your search terms Submit search form. Welcome to R12 Account Payable. Not to be used for modeling party hierarchical relationships use party relationships.

December 11, at 5: June 19, at 3: March 7, at 4: Cleanse the TCA Registry by merging duplicate parties and duplicate sites within a party. Stores information about the roles that parties perform in customer accounts.

Joe as a person can have a personal phone number that differs from the phone number for the relationship of Joe as tca architecture in oracle apps r12 contact.

These changes make easier and more reliable by. Cust Account ID is the primary key. These are few common question, and there are often many answers given.

A contact communicates for or acts on behalf of a party or customer account. The articles presented doesn’t imply to any particular organization or client and are meant only for knowledge Sharing purpose.

Party Site ID is the primary key. Geo-spatial points, usually defined by an address Contacts: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Hence you can isolate arcbitecture transaction architectur by Operating unit for security and local level compliance while still enabling shared Service centre processing. Stores details information about credit rating, financial tca architecture in oracle apps r12, socio-economic and corporate linkage information.

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Trading Community Architecture (TCA)

This is how TCA data is tighten with other Oracle products. Tax tca architecture in oracle apps r12 in tax codes are transformed to Regime-Rate flow. Create a central repository for the entire E-Business Suite to store information relating to all members of a orwcle community versus separate tables for each member Prospects, Customers, Contacts, Employees, Partners, Distributors, Suppliers, Banks, etc. Oracle Trading Community Architecture TCA Oracle Trading Community Architecture TCA is a data model that allows you to manage complex information about the parties, or customers, who belong to your commercial community, including organizations, locations, and the network of hierarchical relationships among them using the TCA registry.

Details can be found more on R12 RCD documents, from. Stores information about financial instruments such as r112 and bonds that has been issued by the organization. Addresses that parties use for specific purposes, tca architecture in oracle apps r12 uses.

Posted by oracle applications at Banks and Bank Details. Within TCA model, here is various attributes how they fits inside the model. When we upgrade supplier tables replaced with backward compatible views. Invoice Lines as a new additional line accommodated in Invoice data model.