Purchase Printed Manuals. If you prefer a paper hard copy of a manual, you can purchase it from the True Manuals web site. Order Now. Manuals and User Guides for Sony Alpha DSLR-A We have 1 Sony Alpha DSLR-A manual available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. 26 Feb Sony Alpha DSLR-A (α) DSLR houses a high resolution MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, which combines with the powerful.

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The default option is a point Wide Focus area, indicated by an array of square focus areas whose locations are indicated by small squares visible through the optical viewfinder.

Playback Mode Sony a580 manual Playback button on the rear panel accesses the A’s Playback mode, which rather unusually allows you to review either captured still sony a580 manual, or movies — but not both side by side.

Screen 1 Top-Level Selection. Never miss an update again! Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again!

Inserting The Charged Battery Pack Multi-frame sony a580 manual reduction captures multiple images son sequence, then combines them into a single image with sony a580 manual overall noise. Cannot be set to Auto during continuous shooting or bracketing. Attach the lens cap. With whichever switch is applicable, you can select between Auto and Manual focus modes.

Sony a580 manual About average-size macro area with the kit lens, good flash performance. The Eony A features a bayonet lens mount, which accommodates a range of Sony and Konica Minolta lenses. The majority of competing DSLRs must either drop the mirror, focus with the phase detection sensor, and then raise the mirror again before taking a shot in Live View mode, manuall they must employ a slower contrast-detect autofocus method using data from the main image sensor.

Selecting The Focus Area af Area The images above were taken from our standardized test shots. Unlike the optical viewfinder, which simply indicates the location of all AF points at all times, the live view modes show which individual phase detection AF points achieved a focus lock, while the shutter button is half-pressed. Selects the playback volume for movies, or disables sound sony a580 manual. Selects in which direction the camera will be panned when using the 3DSweep Panorama function.


Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers. To help combat dust particles on the CMOS sensor from changing lenses, Sony has included both an anti-static coating manul the low-pass filter and anti-dust vibrations to automatically shake the sensor sony a580 manual the anti-shake mechanism each time the camera is shut off.

For lenses with a focus hold button, the sony a580 manual can be changed to act as a depth-of-field sony a580 manual button instead. Learn how to enjoy and use Sony products. Nanual video is saved at 60 fields per secondfrom 30 frames per second sensor output.

Sony Digital Camera DSLR-A User Guide |

To find the approximate 35mm equivalent focal length, multiply the sony a580 manual length of the lens by 1. Sets whether the camera automatically rotates sony a580 manual orientation images in Playback mode. The A includes a secondary, low-resolution image sensor in its viewfinder housing, which allows it to use the same phase-detection AF sensor that’s employed when framing images through the optical viewfinder, resulting in live view autofocus speeds that are just as fast.

Never miss an update again! Again, you have control over all other sony a580 manual variables, including exposure compensation. Note that the lens was “wide-open” for these shots, and corner sharpness generally improves when a lens is “stopped-down” a couple of f-stops below full aperture. This option selects whether the A should display still images or movies in Playback mode. Pre-flash TTL uses exposure calculated with pre-flash only.

Top Sony Cameras Sony A Unlike many SLRs, the A lacks a Program Shift function in its Program mode, however, so without switching to a Priority mode, you’re stuck with whichever balance of shutter speed vs.

Chromatic Aberration and Corner Sharpness Moderate chromatic aberration at wide-angle; lower levels at full telephoto. This cannot be disabled in Auto or Scene Selection modes, and cannot be enabled during continuous shooting, bracketing, panorama, hand-held twilight, or multi-frame Sony a580 manual shooting.

Sony eSupport – DSLR-A – Support

In Wide mode, horizontal panoramas are Moderate and bright Softness: We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers:.

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The IR sensor sony a580 manual to detect this can be fooled when certain viewfinder accessories are attached, or the camera is worn sony a580 manual a neck strap, so it may be desirable to disable this feature to save sony a580 manual life. This has the advantage that the light from the flash is very bright, but the downside is that you can only get AF assist when the flash head is raised.

When focus lock is achieved, the camera indicates which faces it feels were correctly focused with a green frame — but of course, since the phase detection sensor is being used, only faces that fall under an AF point can be focused upon or their degree of focus judged by the camera.

You can adjust the “sensitivity” of Smile Shutter to either “Slight”, “Normal”, or “Big” smile, sony a580 manual a gauge at the left of the screen shows the degree of smile that the A is currently detecting, along with a mark indicating the point at which the shutter would be triggered.

Manuals, Specs & Warranty

Select normal or HDTV wide screen aspect ratios for images. Adjusting The Color Tones white Balance Metering mode is fixed to Multi-segment in Manula and Scene modes.

One of the more unusual design features of the Sony A is that it completely separates still images from sony a580 manual in Playback mode. Preparing The Battery Pack If amnual, faces are taken into account when determining focus and exposure.

This is a real limitation for available-light photography, as the camera can expose at light levels well below those sony a580 manual can focus at. How to clean and maintain your camera and lenses.

Since the image sensor feeding the A’s live preview sony a580 manual maunal above the mirror, the mirror stays down until the final exposure, exactly as it does in optical viewfinder mode.