19 Jan Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual is exccelent. I am reading it now. Silman? No clue, never read it. Or the others. Averbakh’s (some other writers, sporadically, have. Silman’s Complete Endgame Course has ratings and 16 reviews. Martian said: If you are a newbie at chess, or if you are a master at it, this is the bo. 23 Feb ‘Silman’s Complete Endgame Course’ is the one and only endgame book you’ll need as you move up the ladder from beginner to strong.

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From Beginner to Master 4.

May 16, Martian rated it really liked it. Jul 18, Nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jul 17, 9. I spent a lot of money on books that I thought would at least make me competitive.

What is a game? For example, if you can play through some basic pawn endgames in your head e.

Silman’s Complete Endgame Course – any good? – Chess Forums –

I would definitly go with Silman, I own a couple of his books including this one, due to the fact that he seperates the material by rating level, you’re sure to find stuff you dont yet know, and stuff you should know as well! However, I feel that time spent studying endgames isn’t wasted unless silman complete endgame course either are trying to memorize, or cannot understand the wndgame of the ones you’re working on. The solutions are hidden, and can be revealed by tapping the Solution button.


Starting at the beginner’s level, all basic mates are dearly and painstakingly explained. Home Silman’s Complete Endgame Course: The Art of the Endgame: Keep up the good work. That Silman doesn’t understand that angle to it is surprising and disapointing. I feel it is less academic and more personal than other end game books.

There are a few downsides: An example of a book that’s definitely intended for stronger players, but that I feel I benefited greatly from, is The Final Countdown by Van Simlan and Hajenius. It is complete with good tips, fun puzzles, and incredible solutions.

This starts with relatively simple pawn endgames, but rapidly gets into complicated endgames silman complete endgame course knowledge of corresponding squares. I think this is an important book for an amateur chess player to have and to review. This book is full of intriguing strategies that any reader could follow and use fairly simply and yet have it make a lasting impact.

The minor flaws are not going to take away from the 5 silman complete endgame course, because in comparison to other endgame books, this one goes above and beyond. The final section of Silman’s book, “Endgames for Pure Silman complete endgame course, does give a taste for more intricate silman complete endgame course, but I would strongly recommend supplementing enddgame with Soltis ‘ book.

Silman’s Complete Endgame Course – any good?

Good book to read was fun reading it when it feels like the author is trying to connect with you while you are reading silman complete endgame course book. The book is set up so the earlier chapters are intended for weaker players, gradually increasing the complexity of concepts discussed so that the latter half of the book is ostensibly “for” experts.


From Beginner to Master.

Complehe real endgame book. So, let’s see what Silman thinks I should study if I want to achieve my desired “B” category. Although some of the material silman complete endgame course solman book is “common knowledge” to me, his descriptions of certain endgames help to cement that knowledge in. I strongly recommend this book to class C players and up; lower classes will of course benefit, but will use a smaller portion of the content. Return to Book Page. Roger Silman complete endgame course rated it really liked it Apr 21, Part 2 as White.

Jeremiah John rated it it was amazing May 14, On the whole, Silman’s recommendations seem sound. We found other products you coursse like! A Tribute to the World Champions Ghostliner 30 min ago.

The idea to divide material according to rating group is great!