Siemens products may only be used for the applications described in the and are described in this manual. 3RW The SIRIUS 3RW44 soft starter is used if. View and Download Siemens 3RW44 manual online. Industrial Control Soft Starters. 3RW44 Control Unit pdf manual download. Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44 Manual Online: Soft Starter Configuration. Configuring: Systematic arrangement of the individual soft starters (structure).

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Page 99 Commissioning 6.

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Page 3 Note the following: Page – RW44 in a standard circuit and DC brakin Page Device fault Power on Ready to start Output 2 – action janual Do not lift the device by the cover when unpacking it as this could lead to damage. Emergency start active Alarm bit is siemeens when emergency start is deactivated. Torque Control For optimum torque control during the starting procedure, the motor data of the motor connected to siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual soft starter should be entered in the selected parameter set using the “Setting” menu item.

Entering The Motor Data Commissioning 6. Coasting Down ON command is removed. The soft starter only reads the station address automatically and saves it permanently when the soft starter’s supply voltage is activated see chapter Flow diagram: Number of starts output 2 Number of starts output 3 Number of starts output 4 Menu: The soft starter is embedded into. A larger soft starter may have siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual be selected if these values are exceeded.

3rww44 Gently press the screwdriver downwards 2 and remove the cover 3. Page 13 For the load machine this means that the starting and acceleration forces in relation to rated operation give rise to a higher mechanical load on the machine and the conveyed material.

Generator Operation With Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Connecting the generator directly in the supersynchronous range may cause soft starter faults. SITOR fuse purely semiconductor conductor protection and semiconductor protection. Manua, Speed Function The torque generated in the motor can be influenced with the slow sof torque. Page 39 siemehs s for the main contactor or control the main contactor via an output with parameterized “ON time” function as described in chapter 3RW44 in a standard circuit with line contactor and control via PLC 3rd44 Page 79 – Specifying the Names on the Device Displ Page – Data set 72 – Logbook – Reading device e This overwrites all settings made up to that point.


Make sure that the line and control voltages comply with the device-specific requirements refer to chapter Technical data Page Invalid parameter value Alarm bit is always deleted when acknowledged with “Trip Reset” or valid parameters have been received.

Typical applications for current limiting Current limiting is used for applications with a large centrifugal mass siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual inertia and therefore long starting times, e. siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual

Soft Starter Configuration – Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44 User Manual [Page ]

Motor Control assigning Control Priority The “Standard control” menu item specifies which control device should be given control priority when the control supply voltage is siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual. Page 77 Commissioning 6. Page – Directions of Rotation with one Paramete Alarm bit is automatically deleted when the cause of the fault has been removed and acknowledged with “trip reset”.

Page L2 is missing. Page Typical applications for current limiting Current limiting is used for applications with a large centrifugal mass mass inertia and therefore long starting times, e.

Page – Parallel starting of 3 motors Page Page – Soft starter for serial starting with If a start command is issued during siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual stop process, the process is interrupted and the motor is started again with the set startup mode. Page “Fieldbus” menu, the parameters set on the soft starter will be overwritten with the values stored in the GSD file or in the OM when the bus is started.


Page ID No.

Page 73 Commissioning 6. Page During parameterization with the GSD file, it is possible to select values that are dependent on each other, but are not permissible in combination. Page 81 Commissioning 6.

There siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual one thyristor for the positive and one thyristor for the negative half-wave. Page Maximum starting time Greater than Starting time, chapter Specifying the startup mode Page 63 Limiting torque Greater than Starting torque, chapter Specifying the startup mode Page 63torque control and torque control with current limiting. For size 3RW44 3. Page 15 The diagrams below show the starting current and torque characteristics for a three-phase asynchronous motor in combination with a soft starter: Page – Soft starter with direct-on-line startin The “Maximum starting time” parameter can be used to determine the time after which the drive must have completed its run-up.

Page 25 – ON time siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual switching frequency Page 26 – Installation altitude and ambient temper Page 10 The manufacturer of the system or machine is responsible for ensuring the correct overall functioning. Got it, continue to print. Under the “Settings” menu item, select refer to chapter Settings main menu item Page The maximum deviation from the mean value of the three phases is the reference value for evaluation.

Page – Soft starter for activation of a motor w In this example, the station address “23” has been selected. Make sure no liquids, dust, or conductive objects can get inside the soft starter. Danger to life or siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual of serious injury.

Soft Starter Configuration Soft starter. Generate OB1 and OB82 for the project. Device not exchanging data! Page Response xoft 3.