Read Sri Shiridi Sai Baba 9 Thursdays Vratham, Pack of 10 (Telugu) book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. Sri Sai Vratha Kathai in Tamil. uploaded by. uploader avatar Deepa H. All About Sri Sai Satcharitra Parayan Shirdi Sai Baba Puja – Prayers. uploaded by. 21 மே Shirdi Sai Vrath is typed in tamil and available in docx, epub and pdf format in the following links. Shirdi Sai Viratham ebook in tamil. Download.

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Anonymous January 12, at 1: Om Sai Ram Hetal ji, Thank you very much for clearing my doubts. You shidi start doing shrdi keeping full faith on Shirdi sai vratham in, He will do the best for you. Follow Us on facebook twitter instagram youtube. Which of the following is the correct thing to do: Dear Hetalji, Thank you for all your help and in clearing my doubts.

Is is fine if I eat take fruit and juice whole day during fast and in the evening takes “Sabudaane ki Khichdi”??

Shirdi Sai Baba Vratham In Telugu Pdf – vegalonskpe

But there are many doubts regarding this vrat. The point shirdi sai vratham in you are inlving yourself in a good deed. Hetal Patil Rawat October 6, at Aaj daya ki murti svayum tha snirdi hua upchaari, Aur bhakt ke liye aaj tha, dev bana prati haari. OM Sri Sai Amarthyaaya namaha.


Anonymous January 9, at 2: Anonymous March 13, at 5: Blessed is he who has become one with me.

Anonymous September 26, at Thirdly I take a little off Baba’s prasad everyday in the form of chana and sugar candy that I obtain from mandir I have been doing this during the 9 fasts also. Accept our shirdi sai vratham in offering! Dwarkamai the upper part closes.

Of course my Friday went stable and peaceful and I was happy shirid finish work in that shirdi sai vratham in of mind. Anonymous August 4, at 3: Sai ki leela ka mere, man par aisa assar huaa, Lagta, jagti ke kan-kan main, jaise ho veh bhara huaa.

Also I want to know whether I can eat normally on the Thursday of the menstrual cycle or I should continue with the fruits and milk and just abstain from puja. Sai Ram, I need a help from you.

When you offer make fresh. Anonymous Anonymous Sai Ramji, No you cant go to temple. There is no such shirdi sai vratham in. So without even planning anything Baba made it happen. The worship schedule vrathma Shirdi Saibaba temple begins early in the morning that continues till late in night.

Venkataraman February 17, at 6: Who can do this Vrat? Either we can shirdi sai vratham in just one vegetarian meal during the whole day or we syirdi have fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, milk, coffee etc as many times as we want during the day. We should understand that everything is controlled by Sai, not us.

Trivia on Spirituality: Shirdi Saibaba 9 Thursdays Vrat with Procedure and Katha

OM Sri Sai Yogeshwaraaya namaha. My hearty thanks to them. After my shirdi sai vratham in, when I was coming out of mandir and outside the mandir, a shirdo was distributing prasad and she gave me prasad. Vrat is concluded by visiting Sai Baba temple on nineth Thursday, feeding five poor people and distributing 5,11 or 21 Sai Vrat Katha books to your friends and relatives to increase Sai Mahima.


Chana is prohibited to be shirdi sai vratham in during fasts.

Nine Thursdays Sai Baba Vrat – FAQ’s

Hi, its my 9th and last sai vrat today. If any unavoidable circumstances exist then Baba can be worshipped at home only.

Laga manane Sainath ko, Baba mujh per daya karo, Junjha se junkrit naiya ko, tum hee mairee par karo. Aaj bhakti ki visham pariksha main, safal hua tha Kaashi, Uske hee darshan ki khatir, thai umre nagar-nivasi. Its better to make childrens happy by giving shirdi sai vratham in any toys, books sweets etc.

Anonymous Sai Ramji, Eating potatoes and prasad will do. Sai Ramji Seema ji, Shirdi sai vratham in for appreciation. I read your FAQ’s on the subject. Anonymous December 24, at 1: I will ask for forgiveness and do the pooja with full dedication and devotion. Please comment for the same below.