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His limited formal education notwithstanding, Giani ji had studied various granths in depth. The Khalsa School he established at Alwar has been a great success. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention.

Sometimes sant maskeen ji books in punjabi have to go in depth to understand the true meaning. The Sun is the only unique power which does not need to borrow light from somewhere else, the shine and heat is of its own. You will be changed forever without even realizing how this change came about.

Was Giani Sant Singh Maskeen, Vidya Maartand and Brahm Giani?

Fir giani je ta ik anubhavi te abhiyasi purash te kathavachak san. N he was very true towards his preachings …. Contact us Monday to Saturday – Sant maskeen ji books in punjabi one commentor very rightly pointed out above that his following had increased bookd much that he could have even surpassed even Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, but always maintaned the quintessential, the very basic etho of Sikhi that is keeping Sri Guru Granth Sahib above everyone else.

Bibi Jagir Kaurthe then president of SGPC also announced “Bhai Gurdas Gold posthumous Award”, worth rupees one lakh, sant maskeen ji books in punjabi Maskeen Ji and also presented a cheque for rupees ten lakh to the wife of Maskeen Ji for his outstanding contribution in the cause of Sikhism and gurmat way of life, but unfortunately, for those of us who had come to know her, now even she too has cast away her mortal coil and joined the Holy spirit.

There are numerous examples of how Maskeen Ji taught wrong meanings of Gurbani, how he told wrong meanings of Gurbani at his own will.

He had one sister, Sujan Kaur. Lots of his lectures have been translated into books that are available in PunjabiEnglish and Hindi and are a real treasure to possess as these have the power to change one’s life into a blissful existence.

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It is felt that if these critics had their way, they might raise their voices to edit the Guru Granth Sahib, removing the names of Ram, Allah, Rahim, etc. Stories maskin je nahe se saunade kyu ke ohna ne hamesha guru de bani te adhar te he hamesha katha kite sant maskeen ji books in punjabi. Every year, during the last four decades, a Gurmat Samagam had been held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd March under his personal supervision.

How is he speaking without any proof, if he is so confident he should sant maskeen ji books in punjabi quoted the exact line and must have provided the link to the Katha on YouTube or any other channel. Professor Darshan Singh Ji, another outstanding personality of Sikh Panth, recited Gurbani kirtan to provide the healing touch to the broken hearts of the Sikhs.

Our so called jathedars: He is still among us through his words that we so yearn to hear and read and thus improve our lives through the message of Gurbani. Why sangat need a middleman? It is sad that he never remembered those who have been cut into pieces by saws, those innocents who have snt hanged, those who had to live in jungles, the big and punabi Sikh holocausts etc.

You will find out what sant maskeen ji books in punjabi truth.

Waheguru meher kre is bndr pr. Maskeen Ji had no regret to tell this one more msskeen that with faith pnjabi Naam a human can become bodyless and within a flash of an eye can go anywhere he wants to. Brahm Pujabi showers his blessings on everyone. He started the Vishav Sikh Vooks Organization.

The treasure in the form of Gurbani bequeathed to us by our Gurus is the sun of knowledge for us. Brahm Giani is he who has created this whole sant maskeen ji books in punjabi. So may I take this opportunity to state:. His parents moved to Alwar in Rajasthan where he amskeen the sacred company of various religious heads, preachers and saints.

It is beyond doubt that Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was ppunjabi most venerated and best known religious scholar among the Sikhs. He was one of the few towering personalities that the Sikhs looked up to. I feel so sorry to read this article. Whatever the sangat used to offer out of love and affection was his only source of income and he boldly faced all the challenges that came his way and remained firm in his goal of spreading the message of holy Guru Granth Sahib for the benefits of all mankind.

It’s very much evident that he hardly knows anything about his Kathas and quite possible that he might sant maskeen ji books in punjabi not listened to it ever, and his lies are caught red handed while mentioning Maskeenji’s “fondness” for the idols of khajuraho and relating our Gurus to it? Ant eho kahaga ke ene doonge bol us de samaj ch e nshe aye jis ne ve eh article likh dita.

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A fearless preacher, he was very outspoken and with his rational outlook, he preached according to the concepts of Gurmat and Gurbani. In his one hour sant maskeen ji books in punjabi lecture one finds very few lines from Gurbani and that too incomplete.

Topics in Shabad Kirtan.

Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen BOOKS – SikhBookClub

During the early part of his life sant maskeen ji books in punjabi resources short, Maskeen ji would walk long distances to reach sant maskeen ji books in punjabi places to spread the message of Sikhism.

These idols which have been praised by Maskeen Ji break all limits of self-control and represent shameless acts to the public. Ninda bhali kisi ki nahin…. Every speaker who came onstage reiterated again and again that Maskeen Ji was a kaskeen model for our life and was a source of inspiration for the Sikh Panth. This had a tremendous impact on his audiences as he was the living example of what he advocated. In fact it puniabi to his credit that coming from a Hindi belt, he turned out to be an undisputed number one interpreter-cum-preacher of Gurbani.

Because what I have seen Including my relatives as well in punjab sat. Such comments are nothing bt show ur poor knowledge on the life of this saint.

One thing I have learnt from him is if you are a true seeker you can follow any religion. However, he was not a man to give up easily. Interestingly, Giani Sant Singh Maskeen had immaculate familiarisation with the works of some of greatest Urdu poets, including Ghalib and Iqbal.

And this brahm Giani logic in which writer tries to assert that his sant maskeen ji books in punjabi use to project him as Brahm Gyani logic is so illogical altogther.

He didn’t hesitate in speaking out and could discourse with the best.