This 5 day course is aimed at students with previous experience and the background knowledge required for the RYA Level 2 Basic Skills qualification. RYA Seamanship Skills is a course for children and adults. A more in depth look at solving problems afloat with your boat. This stunning estuary near Falmouth. Rya seamanship skills syllabus pdf. has been permanently left behind at the station. open Piscasa gt at the top, click Help gt click About Picasa gt it tells.

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If you have had quite a long time since you have been on the water then depending on how long this period is, we will either have to start again or blow out a rya seamanship skills syllabus cobwebs to refresh your skills.

Points of sailing and No Go Sramanship. Has basic knowledge of rules of road – power versus sail, port versus starboard, overtaking boat, windward boat. More course information All RYA courses and most other rya seamanship skills syllabus sessions are normally done on demand.

All RYA courses and most other training sessions are normally done on demand. If you are going in a dryer boat then we syllabus provide waterproof jackets and trousers to go over your clothing. Here at Mylor Sailing School, once we get a beginner group of more than 4 we prefer to also put an assistant instructor with the instructor so that we rya seamanship skills syllabus not dilute the tuition too much. Launching and Recovery Knows how to prepare road trailer and secure trailer ashore if appropriate Understands rya seamanship skills syllabus importance of local hazards.

This course is for children or adults. The candidate must present evidence of at least one full season’s sailing experience. I want to buy my own wetsuit, can you recommend where I syllbus do this nearby?


Please get in touch to check availability and to book in. Knowledge of spars and rigging, parts of the sail and rya seamanship skills syllabus controls. By the end of the courseparticipants will have a basic understanding of boat handling techniques and background knowledge.

This will teach you to sail in a seamanship like manner and make the right decisions in moderate conditions. If you are wearing a wetsuit you will also need to bring your bathing suit for underneath this and a towel. How to handle a boat in all circumstances and solve problems afloat. Has awareness of onshore and offshore winds. Knows sources of information on weather for the day.

Most of our courses are done on demand. If you cannot see your required dates on the electronic calendar then please get in touch and we can add them for you, no problem!! Section A – Practical. On completion of this course, the successful sailor will be safety conscious, have a basic knowledge of sailing rya seamanship skills syllabus be capable of sailing without an instructor on board in light winds.

It will be assumed that every student starting this course has already mastered the practical skills and absorbed the background knowledge required for Basic Skills Level 2 and Better Sailing Level 3. We are open 7 days a week and all year round.

Knows importance of first aid kit and flares if included including stowage. Has awareness of other water users. Has an awareness of changing weather conditions. If rya seamanship skills syllabus are rya seamanship skills syllabus in a smaller boat then you will get wet. This can be booked on a 1: I cannot swim, is this ok?


Tuition also available on a 1: Frequently asked questions When do you run these courses? We normally ask this question on the booking form but it is just for our instructors information.

How many people in a group? These rya seamanship skills syllabus are slightly different for our fun sessions though. If you mention that you are one of our customers then you should get a small discount. Can interpret forecasts and understand local effects.

Can tie a fisherman’s bend and sheet bend.

Knows sources of information on weather patterns for seamansship day. Sailing Theory and Background. Can leave and return to jetty or mooring including windward and leeward shore.

Dinghy Advanced

This course provides a short introduction rya seamanship skills syllabus sailing for novices. It is recommended that all participants consolidate this short introduction with the Basic Skills Level 2 course. Use of Engine if fitted. Understands how to rig according to weather conditions. You may be able to just book a half day 1: Can tie a figure of eight knot, round turn half hitches and secure a rope to a cleat.

Dinghy Advanced – RYA Performance Sailing & RYA Start Racing – UKSA

Knows how to prepare road trailer and secure trailer ashore if appropriate. Emergency equipment and precautions. Knows importance of rya seamanship skills syllabus safety, clothing and buoyancy, boat buoyancy and basic equipment, depending on boat type may include anchor, paddle, bucket, bilge pump.