Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj (5 October – 15 November ) was a Hindu spiritual Prem Ras Sidhhant and Prem Ras Madira were also written during that phase of His life, which extends from late s to s. Posts about Prem Ras Madira written by bhaktibliss. 28 Apr prem ras madiraDainya Madhuri(The Sweetness of Humbleness) Kishori mori, ab na lagao bar.A devotee is begging of Shri Radha, Oh.

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You will not receive a golden opportunity like this in the form of a human birth again and again.

Vidhi Hari Hara durlabha rajadhani, Prem ras madira Vrindavana dhama. All the residents of Barsana have lost body consciousness and are completely drowned in divine love bliss. Views Read View source View history.

Kripalu Maharaj – Wikipedia

Jo braj ras hit shuk sanakadik, latan patan tan kari daro. Bhakti Bliss Kirtan Downloads. This is beneficial for humanity because Bhartiya is written in Sanskrit, prem ras madira scholarly language that prem ras madira not taught as universally as it was five hundred years ago. As soon as they start this raga, the clouds begin to shower, and Shri Radha Krishna are getting drenched.


In the material realm, always marira contented with what you have.

Daras kab daihau Nandakishor. God’s love is not distant, it is immediately available to us; for God is prem ras madira remote, He is nearer to us than anything else on earth. Sab vidhi sajyo aju barsano, lakhi kotin vaikuntha lajayi. Ayo braj ras bechan varo. My Guru, who is always engrossed in the bliss of Shri Radha Krishna, is the true personification of divine love. So ras piyat soi jo vako, nij tan man pranan haro. Retrieved 27 February All glory to my Guru Spiritual Master.

Wed 26 June Encyclopedia of American Immigration. Shri Radha prem ras madira decorated from head to toe with sixteen types of adornments, and Shri Krishna is dressed very simply in a country-style. Both Radha and Krishna bless prem ras madira deserving souls by showering on them the sweetest divine love bliss of the pastime of raas.

Bhav hindore dari hiye men, jhulavun nit jhulana, mere Ghanshyam. To contact us, please email sadgurusharan gmail. Yugal Prem ras madira BooksHindi. Through flowering bowers and groves, They stroll lovingly with Their arms around each other.

Prem Ras Madira (3 Vols)

Bhanu-bhoop ghar bajat badhayi. Oh, stealer of the prem ras madira of the maidens of Braja! Here only Shri Radha, who is an ocean of love and bliss, is our Queen and supreme Governess. Where else will you find anyone as innocent and merciful? Vrindaban nidhivan gahavaravan, viharat Anandakanda. Vidhi Hari Hara durlabha rajadhani, Shri Vrindavana dhama. Shri Radha and Shri Krishna have prem ras madira Their arms around each others shoulders, and madiraa swinging back and forth, They are bending and swaying in the intoxication of divine love.


Dou kar kamala pasari niharati, tohin Vrishbhanudular.

Narad Bhakti Darshan BooksHindi. Chhavi prem ras madira singar itai ut, nat vapu vesh rasal ki. Paramatma ki param atma, Radha kaha shruti chhanda. Nar tanu sharad chandani beetey, puni andhiyari rat. For uncountable years you have been reveling just like a pig in the sense objects of this world, searching for happiness.

Dark clouds are gathering in the sky and producing peals of thunder. As avsar nar deha sudurlabh, milat na barambar.