31 Aug The Secret Path by Paul Brunton. ‘The treasure-trove of the real self is within us, but it can be lifted only when the m. 8 Mar Indological Books related to Sanskrit Learning (संस्कृत). Paul Brunton (PB) is the person who introduced the Western world to the Indian guru Ramana Maharshi. Much of what PB has to say in The Secret Path can.

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He saw both angel and beast as inner paul brunton the secret path of all human beings. Feb 08, Phil Calandra rated it it was amazing. Dec 13, Liz Navarro rated it liked it. Jan rated it it was amazing Jun 04, His investigations took many years, and to some people they seemed like wild goose chases.

Paul Brunton’s Secret Path by Georg Feuerstein

secrst Paul Brunton resolved to bring the record up to date by tracking down the seers of today—swamis, gurus, holy men, and yogis—to discover the paul brunton the secret path for himself. His courage may make him appear a giant among men. Heeding the warning, he took to seriously cultivating the art of meditation instead.

Brunton incessantly worked on his inner growth. Quotes from The Secret Path. He mentions, for instance, that Brunton discovered early that he had certain occult abilities and even reveled in their exercise.

Sonam rated it really liked it Feb 12, He met no sages in Egypt of the stature of Ramana Maharshi and the Shankaracarya of Kanshi, whom he revered. The Secret Path is a practical guide to the spiritual wisdom of the East. He also describes the remarkable experiences and understandings he himself gained from meditation and how, by making this ancient practice a part of your paul brunton the secret path, you will be able to experience a valuable kind of freedom and a deep inner peace.

The Secret Path

For Brunton, the principal objective of the book was to introduce his Western readers to the ancient but largely forgotten notion that the spiritual realm interpenetrates our physical plane, and that spirit beings are indeed as real as we are.


Brjnton goes on to have many animated conversations with the sage, in which he is always thrown back upon his own inner resources. The book is both ins This is clearly one of the best written books on mysticism which I have read. This book appears to offer a far more reasonable path scret enlightenment than most of the others I have seen. His spiritual adventure in the Great Pyramid of Cheops ,vould not have been possible for an immature paul brunton the secret path, who would have died from sheer fright.

He recommends a safe, simple breathing exercise to do this versus some of the other breathing methods practiced by Yogis which in his opinion have dangers. We must paul brunton the secret path facts bravely and realize that divine will is ultimately behind the whole universe and consequently must even be behind the horror and agony and wickedness too.

This will tend to separate the thoughts and desires from the sense of selfhood which normally seem inherent within them. With his entire life dedicated to the paul brunton the secret path quest, Brunton felt charged with the task of communicating his knowledge paul brunton the secret path experiences in layperson’s terms.

We may make wonderful machines and ships of vast size, and we may constantly reach for the stars, but our tragedy is that we have forgotten who we are. We need not keep a photograph of him on our desk, as did the rajahs of Mysore and Kasmanda, but we surely would do well to delve into his written legacy.

Garry Stafford rated it really liked it Feb 14, Two hours later, Brunton is still in a state of deep restfulness and meditation. To ask other readers questions about The Secret Pathplease sign up.

Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation – Secret Path

This website contains hundreds of pages of information for people who want to become enlightened. Rather I am the watcher behind them who uses paul brunton the secret path worldly tools. The original book was published in His scholarly learning was forged in the crucible of life. It is done by using the mind to enquire into its own operation. But certain aspects of the knowledge imparted to him by the adept Ra-Mak-Hotep were later confirmed, including the pth important discovery that the Sphinx is in fact a monument to the Sun-God Ra, as the spirit guide had mentioned.


He summed up the findings of his entire quest in eight words: At the age thr 16, he experienced a series of ecstatic states as a direct result of having meditated regularly and intensely for six months. But we do not know ourselves.

He chanced upon any number of spiritual books on the subject, which he devoured eagerly and which led him to postpone his suicide — indefinitely. After going through the above practices one continues his meditation. Paul brunton the secret path Brunton was a British philosopher, researcher, mystic, and adventurer. He travelled widely throughout India escret particular and met gurus and teachers who rhe his life immeasurably. Sitting in total darkness, hearing only his paul brunton the secret path breathing, Brunton entered a state of meditative inwardness.

We can only receive what the Infinite gives by Grace. If we will not press and push it open, our darkness is self-doomed.

The very persons who have been studying all the sciences have yet to study the science of self. Most of us are lost in a sea of confusion and contradiction payh powerful forces pulling us this way and that.