Download Citation on ResearchGate | Discourse analysis / Gillian Brown, George Yule | Incluye bibliografía e índice }. 27 Sep DISCOURSE ANALYSIS CAMBRIDGE T E X T B O O K S I N L I N G U I S T I C S GeneralEditors:B. COMRIE, C. J. FILLMORE, R. LASS. Full text of “Discourse Analysis By Gillian Brown & George Yule” Publication Data Brown, Gillian Discourse analysis – (Cambridge textbooks in linguistics) 1.

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Who, except the most avant-garde of modern dramatists, attempts to write as they speak?

Her neighbour then says reflectively having been supportively uttering aye, aye throughout the first speaker’s turn: It’s a really nasty day here. Language used in such a situation is primarily ‘mes- sagejajiented’. Nor discourse analysis gillian brown george yule they come simply tagged with proper names appropriate to all occasions together with one analyis description appropriate to all occasions.

In the following gerge fragment, we shall say, for example, that speaker A uses the expressions my uncle and he to refer to one individual and my mother’s sister and she to refer to another. Similarly the window which the man approaches must be interpreted as ‘the window of the living room’. From Intention to Articulation Willem J.

However, there are occasions when discourse analysis gillian brown george yule is used gilliam the detailed transmis- sion of factual information.

Thus in Winnie-the-Pooh the publishers reproduce the notice outside Owl’s house in one inset line, using capitals, and with the author’s own spelling: In order to make appeal to this methodology, which is very commonly used in linguistic and discourse analysis gillian brown george yule discussion, we need to know what it would mean for the context to be ‘slightly different’. They are watching the young mother’s two-year-old son chasing ducks and the mother-in-law has just remarked that her son, the child’s father, was rather backward at this age.

What does it mean to specify, for instance, the indicated object co-ordinate? If we rely on a notion of speaker, or pragmatic, presupposition, we can simply treat 2c as a presupposition of the speaker in uttering 2a.

Do not say what you believe to be false. In genera analusis, analysts repr esent s peech using normal p. An adequate representation of a text must assign speeches to the discourse analysis gillian brown george yule characters, sentences to the correct para- 6 1. There’s another worn section which needs repair here. A glance at any newspaper will yield a rich crop of identifications of individuals in terms of the social role relevant to the news item.


Discourse analysis gillian brown george yule is however, one further distinction which is rarely noted, but which it is important to draw attention to here. Lewis introduced this co-ordinate to take account of sentences which include specific reference to what has been men- tioned before as in phrases like the aforementioned. In this sense, discourse analysis is, like descriptive linguistics, a way yuoe studying language.

Topic and the representation of discourse content.

The author’s organisation discourse analysis gillian brown george yule staging of his work must be analysls. The upshot of it was, that Rosanna Spearman had been a thief. It is the interpretation of the utterance analysiw context which permits the hearer to draw such inferences see Chapter 7 for further discussion of inferences. You may work out that the two holes have to be of a suitable size for an individual?

Knowledge of the world tells us that houses which contain living rooms do not usually disdourse bars. In discourse analysis, as in pragmatics, we are con- cerned with what people using language are doing, and accounting for the linguistic features in the discourse as the means employed in what they are doing.

It is possible, of course, georbe imagine that the first of these sentences describes one event and the second describes another, quite unrelated, event so the person identified as ‘a mother’ may be picking up a chair in the course of cleaning a room. Thus Jane Austen’s expression of contrast is reproduced by publishers in italics: Immediately preceding this extracted fragment, the narrator has been describing an incident relevant to the main story. Generalising over speech events, he abstracts the roles addressor and addressee.

Moreover, they need not tule considered in terms of function, as evidenced in this statement by Chomsky You said last year when we met in Toronto that he wasn’t. The implications of taking context into account are well expressed by Sadock If discourse analysis gillian brown george yule sentence- grammarian wishes to make claims about the ‘acceptability’ of a sentence in determining whether the strings produced by his grammar are correct sentences of the language, he is implicitly appealing to contextual considerations.

On geodge few occasions where constructed data is used as illustration of a paradigm, for example, in Chapter 4discourse analysis gillian brown george yule is inevitably directed towards accounting for the range of formal options available to a speaker or writer. The narrator then proceeds to give some background information, which he situates in a discoruse time About four months before.


We shall discuss the influence of inference in more detail in Chapter 7- For the moment, we simply present a view which claims that the terms reference, presupposition, implicature and inference must be treated as pragmatic concepts in the analysis of discourse. Everyone laughs except Adam. Encyclopaedic discourse analysis gillian brown george yule of the world might inform you that the writer is a member of ‘Mad Mental’ a street gang and that the intended addressees are members of ‘The Insects’ another street gang.

Discourse analysis gillian brown george yule sentence he constructs to illustrate a particular i linguistic feature must, in some sense, derive from the ‘ordinary – language’ of his daily life and also be acceptable in it. However this interpretation is ruled out by the following co-text and his wife overhears him.

Although the linguist who undertakes the analysis of discourse has ultimately the same aims as a linguist who uses ‘system- sentences’ in his grammatical description of a language, there are important methodological differences involved in the two approaches. Representations of system-sentences may of course be used in metalinguistic discussion of the structure and functions of language: Discourse analysis is a term that has come to have different interpretations for scholars working in different disciplines.

The discourse analyst, like the experimental psychologist, is mainly interested in the level of frequency which reaches significance in perceptual terms.

The distinction between treating discourse as ‘product’ or ‘process’ has already been made by Widdowson b: It is a natural consequence that the discourse analyst will be interested in the results of psycholinguistic processing experiments in a way which is not typical of the sentence-grammarian. Robert Mugabe, the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe yesterday sought to reassure prospective investors giplian his country.

If we take the first sentence discourse analysis gillian brown george yule extract 1 as S, and present it below as 2awe can also present the negation of S, as 2band the logical presupposition, S’, as 2c.

Discourse Analysis – Gillian Brown, George Yule – Google Books

We will adopt only two terms to describe the major functions of borwn and emphasise that this division is an analytic convenience. Contents Introduction linguistic forms and functions. The source of this problem, as Sampson