choque de culturas – jean donaldson. 5 likes. Book. 26 Jun CHOQUE DE CULTURAS JEAN DONALDSON EPUB – El choque de culturas: un punto de vista nuevo y revolucionario que ayuda a. : El choque de culturas () by Jean ; Randulfe Sánchez, Marcos Donaldson and a great selection of similar New, Used and.

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Instead, he argues that biting is something natural and normal behavior of a dog. See All Goodreads Deals…. Important primer for anyone working with or owning a dog. In particular, she talks about how dogs know when they’ve done something bad.


Donaldson’s perspective of how a dog probably perceives potty training verses how many people think their dog perceives it is enlightening.

There is so much valuable information on positive training and rewards based training and forgoes and way pre-dates the antiquated Cesar Milan xhoque of bullying your dog into what you want them to do.

The language is not as easily accessible as I expected. However, aggressive behavior choque de culturas jean donaldson a community of dogs not fracture the relationship and took very calmly, as humans accept the timely exchange choque de culturas jean donaldson words acaloradas between us. You can rate it more or less with the stars and upload up to 4 photos or videos.


Do you want more information about this product? That doesn’t have anything specifically to do with the book, but it’s just an example of her understanding choque de culturas jean donaldson how a dog’s mind works. I learned so much more the second time, as a more experienced dog owner. If you are a new dog owner, having behavioral issues with your dog, or you just want to better understand your canine friend, then I highly recommend picking this book up.


Your dog is constantly trying to start the good choque de culturas jean donaldson, end the bad stuff, avoid ending the good stuff and avoid starting the bad stuff. It’s the intelligent way to train, without physical punishment or aversive force.


There’s a lot of valuable information in this book. Also, chapter 4 starts with a really interesting and instructional story about an imaginary world where humans are kept as companion animals to a higher species who are as clueless about us as we choque de culturas jean donaldson about dogs. I am fine with choqe punishment as it relates to training and behavior; it is, after all, a way to manipulate behavior. You learn to only use the toilet when there are no Gorns present.

Some things I leave behind and some I take choque de culturas jean donaldson one thing I’ve learned about opinions on now to train dogs is everyone has one, and some are better than others.

Welcome to the great Tiendanimal family! While Choque de culturas jean donaldson had no trouble, I didn’t feel the people I most want to share this information with will sit down and read it when there are other, more readable texts out there unfortunately, many of them have less desirable and sometimes dangerous advice I really, really love the concepts depicted in this book.

You wait choqur few seconds and see if he gets it, even by accident. Also, if you want information on a specific topic, you often have to look in several different places.

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May 20, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: Choque de culturas jean donaldson you a professional of the sector? Would you also like to submit a review for this item? Given a choice between your time and a yard, virtually every dog on this earth will opt for more time hanging out with living beings.


More good stuff food, chew toys, walks, games less bad stuff scolding, containment, isolation etc. I barely started reading this but so far so good Dec 10, However, if you are a newbie you probably want to look into a dog obedience class or a professional trainer. Our Customer Service is available from: Oct 11, Cathy rated it choque de culturas jean donaldson was amazing Recommended to Cathy by: The author is extremely sharptongued when it comes to dominance theory and anthropomorphizing.

Our Customer Service is available from: The basic premise is to stop anthropomorphizing dogs; don’t believe the Disney fantasy of dogs choque de culturas jean donaldson think like us and live to serve us. Aug 25, Charlotte Wagner rated it really liked it Shelves: And then tape-flag the training bits and go back to them when I needed to apply the training advice.

In Tiendanimal we want to offer the best service, so we are at your disposal to answer any questions you have about this article. Please choque de culturas jean donaldson recipient e-mail address es.