PAUL BRUNTON A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA $ A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA This is the famous classic that has sold more than a quarter million. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the. Paul Brunton, thinking of a refreshing cup of tea, stepped through the doorway of his This scene is from Brunton’s A Search in Secret India, the page-turning.

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There is another interlude of silence. My offering of fruits remains unregarded on the small carved table which stands before him. Surely one of the lepers would have attached himself to Meher Baba’s train of disciples in seecret gratitude.

In the sky, a pitiless sun scorches man, beast and earth alike. My Parsee escorts are at pains to inform me that this is only the country headquarters of their master, and that his principal centre is near the town of Nasik, where the majority a search in secret india by paul brunton his intimate disciples reside and where visitors are usually received. That book took a section of the public in England by storm, and four printings of it were sold out in less than two months.

To discover one’s position, to be brunotn aware of latent possibilities, and to get one’s vague ideas clarified, is nevertheless of indubitable value to a young man. Logic and intelligence are like ladder. There had been much dispute at the time whether the Russian lady’s phenomena were really genuine, and whether her A search in secret india by paul brunton teachers really pwul.

And so, when Meher came face to face with Upasani Maharaj, he felt that he had found his master. God, therefore, must send his true prophet among men once again to establish true worship and to awaken people out of their materialistic stupor.

Remote from the haunts of men, deep in the ln to which – or to the Himalayas – the holiest men in India always return, Mr. It can bring our bodies nearer the seret condition which Nature intended them to possess; it can bestow one of modern civilization’s most urgent needs – a flawless serenity of mind; and it can open the way to enduring treasures of the spirit to those who will labour for them.


The whirring blades of an electric fan which hangs from the ceiling bring little relief, certainly not sufficient to induce my weary eyes to close. So, although I am quite in sympathy with the principles and methods of your modern sciences, what other answer can Btunton give you, except this – I believe! The Holy Cow and other Indian Stories. Only, I had lost hold of normal existence and it took me a long time to get back.

An avenue of neem trees lines part of the road. Fewer still have taken the trouble to go out of their way to find the adepts in Yoga, 1 while not one Englishman in a thousand is prepared to prostrate himself before a brown, brunron figure in some lonely cave or in a disciple-filled room.

Must read book for any one interested in Spiritual masters of seaarch years. The boys were taught secrrt a search in secret india by paul brunton ideals which are more or less common to most religions, and the life stories of the great prophets were unfolded to them.

Spread my name as that of the coming divine messenger. Spiritual Crisis of Man. Customers who bought this item also bought. Looking forward to reading some more secdet his experiences before I chart an opinion but it’s a good book.

Two large lamps, as in greeting, are held out by iron brackets. He a search in secret india by paul brunton on a search in secret india by paul brunton the queer customs and peculiar traditions of his countrymen; sometimes he portrays in words a few of the types who people his amazing land.

Full text of “A Search in Secret India”

At a special horseshoe-shaped desk in his home in Switzerland he kept up streams of correspondence with inquirers and close students, for by the ’60s he, the seeker, had become to many ni sought-after master, though he heartily discouraged such a relationship. A devotee holds aloft a shallow metal bowl which serves as a lamp, its wick being dipped in oil which is strongly perfumed with sandal- wood.


Oct 16, Bhashini rated it it was amazing Shelves: The powers subsided, bruntpn he kept an intuitive sensitivity aglow. He sent his chief disciple on a mission to England to find a few white pupils.

To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. He half turns his back upon me and looks down into the street below.

In this book he introduced the terms yoga and meditation to the Western world. I wait patiently for his next words.

A Search In Secret India

In the process, he found a number of masters of body, mind, and both. Years later Brunton humorously remarked that as his books ascended into higher strata of philosophy his audience shrank proportionately.

He is exceedingly astute and knows human nature through every letter of its alphabet. He indicates a triangular red patch which juts down to the Equator, and then makes a further attempt to insia the obviously lagging interest of his pupils. Withal he is young, apparently some- where in the thirties. I spent much of my spare time in the study of recondite books and in little- known bypaths of psychological experiment. He has certainly hy a rebirth in the Divine consciousness and life.

The author has taken us through his a search in secret india by paul brunton in India of finding a spiritual master. Visitors and correspondence came from all over the world. The seven-mile run a search in secret india by paul brunton follows takes us through flat country.